Cody Mears


Cody is a Regional Marketing Rep for Patagonia and is based out of the Northeast US. He has been training Dealer staff on the intricacies of Patagonia since 2018 and worked in one of our Partner retail stores prior. Depending on the season Cody can be found searching for turns on his splitboard or growing organic vegetables on his family’s farm. Cody is a regular host on The Backstock Sessions.

Worn Wear Tour

Nick March

Producer/Editor/ Engineer

Nick is the Wholesale Content Manager and is based in Washington State. He started his journey at Patagonia in 2006 in the Seattle retail store and has been in various roles within Wholesale. When not in the editing cave, he’s out enjoying public land or tracking Wolverines.

Mt Baker Wilderness, WA

Felice Artuso


Felice is a Regional Marketing Rep for Patagonia and is based out of Truckee, CA. She joined Patagonia in 2016, where she worked as a Dealer Service Rep in Reno, NV and soon after, transitioned to being on the road as an Associate Rep in the Northern Rockies. When she’s not working, Felice enjoys climbing, backcountry skiing, sailing, trying not to go over the bars on her mountain bike, and flying planes. Felice occasionally co-hosts the Backstock Session Tech Talks.

Truckee, CA

Joshua Livasy


Joshua is based out of the southeastern US and works for Patagonia as a Regional Marketing Rep. He started his journey with Patagonia in 2016 as an Associate Rep based out of Chattanooga, TN. When he’s not working he likes to enjoy himself some high quality sandstone sport climbing lines along the mysterious coves of the Cumberland Escarpment. Joshua also appreciates moonlighting as a guest host for The Backstock Sessions from time to time.

Austin, TX